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RPC has the largest in STOCK inventory of OEM replacement Chiller Tubes. Condenser Tubes, Evaporator Tubes, Heat Exchanger Tubes, Boiler Tubes, Finned Tubes, Copper Alloy Tubes, CuNi Alloy Tubes, Brass Alloy Tubes, Stainless Steel Alloy Tubes, U Bend Tubes.

Chiller Tubes

  • Copper and Cupro-Nickel

  • Integral Finned

  • High Efficency

  • Turbo Style Tubes


  • New and Remanufactured
  • Semi Hermatic
  • Hermatic
  • Scroll
  • Screw compressors


  • OEM Replacement Parts
  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Air Conditioning & Heating
  • Goodway Equipment
  • Ritchie Yellow Jacket Tools
  • Klein Tools
  • Tube Plugs




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