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Our Story



1974 - RPC opened for business . As the air condition industry started to grow and more buildings became dependent on air conditioning, RPC was there and supplied the parts needed to keep them cool.



1978 - We added a compressor remanufacturing facility. Many late nights were spent remanufacturing compressors for area hospitals and local office buildings. Today RPC still supplies compressors from various remanufacturing facilities. We also supply new hermatic, scroll, screw and semi-hermatic compressors.



1986 - We opened our current facility with over 11 thousand square feet of warehouse space and a custom 2 ton overhead crane for handling tubes. This has allowed us to have one of the largest inventories of chiller tubes in the United States.



Today our business continues to grow as our committed customer base increases. All due to our initial business goal "Solve the customers problems with a sense of urgency". 






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